Saturday, June 30, 2012

From Past to Present Tense

The thralls of life have put me quite behind in the tales of this spring. And while there are stories the will forever remain in my memory, a shortage of time has stripped my ability to convey them in written words.

In the interest of capturing the present while it remains in foreground of my thoughts rather than a distant recapturing of moments gone by.... I will be skipping ahead to the present. Thus my spring including trips to the Selway, Lochsa, Lower Clarks Fork, The Pot's, Woodbine, and the many forks of rock creek will remain to be documented in video only sans the infamous GoPro(coming soon).

In the mean time stay tuned for posts on more current adventures...

Why The Blog?

After reading a few other's blogs and seeing the darker faces of their authorship... I felt the need to explain origins and intent of this blog.

I will first admit, the title of this blog in itself is seemingly egotistical and frankly somewhat lame, but at this point is difficult to change to something perhaps more metaphorical.

Despite the egotism of the title the reasons I began writing is far from attention seeking. The reason I began writing in the space was because of an overflowing. How do you communicate the daily awe that nourishes you? How do you describe to a stranger the joys of your life? We all have a story to be told. But in starting this blog, my intent was never that I needed to be heard, but rather to fill the need for stories told in a catharses of joy. And so it is that I write not necessarily for the benefit of other's, but for the benefit of myself and the documentation of treasured memories.

In the meantime, friends, family, acquaintances, fellow paddlers may perhaps find entertainment, identification, inspiration in reading my stories. I am happy that my words could possibly gift others in this way, but is secondary to my intentions for writing.