Saturday, January 12, 2008


The night was far past its youth and the halls of the medical school were barren and silent. The perfect time to make a phone call and fill that silence. As I talked on the phone, I could feel that my eyes were heavy and decided a soda would lessen the symptoms of my late night fatigue. Distracted as I was, I left the school without my shoes and walked the short distance to the pop machine in my socks. As I watched the doors close and lock behind me I felt my pockets knowing full well my keys were inside those doors.

It was now midnight, on a Sunday during the undergraduate winter break. In a futile effort I called University facilities and was informed I would need to call 911 to get a hold of the campus police to get the inside the building. I had no intention of abusing the emergency dispatch system in such a way, nor was I going to call any medical school folks to wake them with my embarrassment. There was only one option in my mind..... run to car, grab the spare keys to my car, and drive home shoe-less and without a jacket.

The shoes I fashioned from a garbage bag, paper towel and syrofoam plates

I surveyed my surroundings wandering the University hallways and found the tools I would need. I grabbed an unused garbage bag, some left over styrofoam plates , and yards of paper towel. From them I fashioned myself some shoes to keep the cold and wet from my feet. The plates made a good sole, the paper towel an insulator/ cushion, the plastic bag to bind them all together in a water proof wrapping.

In the 10 degree weather I ran to my car with the shoes I had fashioned and a T-shirt. I shivered and laughed at my ridiculousness all the way home. Though my feet stayed warm throughout my short journey, my pride was in need of some thawing. As an optimist I had only to chuckle and smile my own absent-minded misfortune...I had at least made a story to be remembered. There is always humor in the befuddlement's of daily life!

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