Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Creek Boat

This weekend after much thought, testing, scrutiny, and research I bought a new kayak. Those who know me would ask, "what do you need another kayak for?". This boat is for creeking and running gnarly water that would otherwise prefer to eat you and your kayak. Therefore I bought a bigger, beefy, and in some ways ...safer boat (considering what I have already been doing in smaller kayaks). I'm excited for what the future holds... I've got some drops that I'm gun-ing to try with the new kayak.

Much in the way of excitement is heading my way...spring break is only 3 weeks away, and American Birkebeiner is this week (survival is the goal this year). On the docket for spring break: Climbing a little sport, much long trad, big wall, and sleeping on a portaledge overnight thousands of feet off the ground (stay tuned for new blog posts)!


Snow_King said...

It's funny how large creek boats look after spending a lot of time around play boats. I bought some wood to build a shelf on my balcony for a second boat, so I best be getting a creek boat sometime this spring as well.

Nora said...

Looks great Burgess! Spring is on it's way fer sure!